Our Team


Cherlyn is the founder and CEO of Cherlyn Skincare, a product line that is committed to high quality, innovative, 100% naturally derived and organic ingredients, and whose goal is to celebrate the natural inner beauty of women. While studying Psychology at the University of Calgary,Cherlyn began to recognize the disempowering messages rampant in the media, including the cosmetics industry. She also began to understand that she was suffering from low self-esteem, partly due to the persistent acne she had developed in her youth and feeling that beauty was unattainable for her. She embarked on a journey of self-awareness and healthy living to shift her negative perception about herself to a state of self-love and acceptance. Since childhood, Cherlyn has shown an aptitude for creativity and thinking outside the box. Creating a brand that would help women feel empowered in their own skin and a skin care line that turned the industry on its head seemed like a natural fit and thus Cherlyn Skincare was born.


Holly has been working as a research chemist and product formulator in the natural health product, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for more than 10 years. After graduating from University of British Columbia with a degree in Nutritional Sciences, Holly founded and co-owned Unique Nutrition Inc., a company that offered natural health products and nutritional consultation services. During this time, Holly also taught at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Since then, Holly shifted her career focus to product development and innovation with manufacturing companies, worked with teams of scientists, invented patents, and developed various natural skin care products for international brands.Holly has conducted seminars in several countries and in different languages, for industry peers and clients on subjects including product education and innovation. A devoted yoga practitioner and avid ballroom dancer, her passion, creativity and determination make her a unique product developer, striving for the most extraordinary creation to share with the world.